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If you have a question, maybe it's one that some of our other customers have had as well. We've listed our most frequently asked questions here. If you don't find your answers here and you still have questions about any of our products and services, please feel free to contact us directly.

Q. How much does a bar cost?

Your investment in a Wallace & Hinz bar will vary according to your choice of design and materials. We design and manufacture the finest bars in the world, and value engineer our products to meet our client's budget when possible.

Q. Can you make a bar that fits my budget?

Once you share your budget and vision with us, we will be upfront to let you know whether we can create the bar you envision or how we can value engineer it to fit your budget whenever possible.

Q. How long does it take to build a bar?

Our bars are built to meet the most demanding standards and therefore take time. In general, we ask for 10-12 weeks lead time, but special circumstances on your part might be considered to shorten the process, as we are well aware of the importance to you of meeting opening day deadlines. To ensure a successful opening, we will gladly coordinate all aspects of the installation with your contractor, plumber, electrician, etc.

Q. How do I get started?

First, please complete the contact form. Once we have this information, we will give you a call to discuss your design. During this discussion, we will ask you to tell us about your project, and ask questions to help us understand your vision.

Q. Who coordinates the equipment?

We have developed solid relationships with all major equipment manufacturers. Our unequaled experience in equipment layout allows us to offer you the most appropriate and complete packages.

Q. Why would I have you build the bar and not someone local?

For more than 30 years, we have specialized in building bars. Through our experiences, we are constantly refining our processes to ensure that our bartops will not crack, equipment will fit perfectly, your patrons will be comfortable, the bar will attract the eye and be an incredible focal point, and your bartenders will be as efficient and productive as possible. We receive orders from all over the world from clients that know of our quality. We have built bars and shipped them to places as far away as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Iceland, Mongolia, South and Central America, as well as, all over the United States. Why? Because at Wallace & Hinz, you get the best craftsmanship available in the world.

Q. Do you do other types of millwork?

We are a 21st century architectural millwork company. Our artisans are highly skilled at many levels. We are often solicited by our clients to do extensive millwork to accompany our bars, as it is logical to have continuity in the "feel" of a space, commercial or residential. We are experts at wainscoting, booths, partitions, coffered ceilings, custom wood wall coverings, etc.

Q. Where can I see one of your bars?

Since 1977, we have built more than a thousand bars all over the United States and the world. We would be glad to direct you to a bar in your location.

Fun Fact: We built the bar for the original Cheers pub in Boston. Using photos and specs from the sitcom, Cheers, we created and installed an exact replica of the bar featured on the TV show.
Q. Do you warranty your bars?

Yes. Our bars are built to meet the highest standards and meant to last more than a lifetime. Furthermore, each original bar comes with the Wallace & Hinz medallion that features a unique serial number. That way, years down the road, we can answer any of your questions or concerns, whether you are the original owner or not.

Q. How do I get my bar?

Once the bar is finished, each piece is carefully packed into custom wooden crates. Free space is filled with expandable foam to protect the bar to the maximum. The bar is then shipped to you at a cost depending on location and size. We can install your bar worldwide or consult with you or your contractor to guide you through the install.

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