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We could hire a celebrity spokesperson. Maybe someday we will. But we think the best endorsements are those that come directly from our clients. We'd like to thank all of the bar owners, bar managers, staff and patrons who have called, emailed, written, shared stories and sent pictures so that we could pass these great experiences on to the world. We love hearing from you, so keep the "good times" coming!

Johnny Foley's, San Francisco, California & Beckett's, Berkeley, California

“The importance of a good mixologist combined with an efficient bar design hits home on a busy night. The Wallace & Hinz bar is critical to our success night after night.”

Martin Connolly - Owner


Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii

“The quality of the Wallace & Hinz workmanship is outstanding, all the way to the details with the little name decal and production number. It was imminent that the Wallace & Hinz Tiki bars would provide our operation with a tremendous upgrade, not only visually but also in the sense that it would encourage our guests to continue to come back.”

Milan Drager - Director of Food and Beverage

Captain's Choice Inc. Motel, Haines, Alaska

“I truly enjoyed working with Tom Tellez and the Wallace & Hinz team. They were always professional and quick to understand my wants and needs, and completing the job ahead of schedule was well appreciated. Wallace & Hinz did a wonderful job of crating the bar, it arrived here with no damage. The bar went together so easily - we unloaded the van, uncrated everything, and installed the bar (including all the plumbing and electrical) in two days.

I could not have built anything as beautiful as this. Everyone that comes in says 'WOW it's beautiful and classy.' It is without a doubt the best looking bar in Southeast Alaska. People come in that don't even drink, just to look at it, because someone told them about the beautiful bar.”

Ed Lapeyri - President

The Carr Bar, San Jose, California

“The Carr bar is the most popular bar in the neighborhood: it's totally change our social life.”

Brian Carr - Owner


Shadows Lounge, Taos, New Mexico

“We thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with Wallace & Hinz from start to finish. What impressed me the most was when the owner of Wallace & Hinz came down himself to install the bar. That really did it for me. We have found great success with Shadows Lounge.”

Jim Perea - Owner


New Sheridan Hotel, Telluride, Colorado

“We needed two custom bars that were to be located in prominent public areas of the hotel and both had to be flawless in design, craftsmanship and execution in order to fit the historic character of the spaces they occupy. The Wallace & Hinz team helped us to design, produce and install two beautiful walnut bars that are now the focal points of the hotel's parlor entry and of the restaurant's entry. To complement the historic theme, Wallace & Hinz also built custom wine cabinets to line our restaurant walls.

“It is truly refreshing to find craftsmanship of this caliber!”

Daniel Velazquez - Project Manager, Leucadia Financial

Gerry Bartley - Homeowner

“It has been several months since I picked up my treasured Corner Bar for the ’Mens' Room‘ in my home. I get overwhelming compliments from everyone who sees it. Some have asked if they can bring friends over so they could see it as well. When we talked I promised to send you some pictures. Hope you and your staff at Wallace & Hinz have a wonderful holiday season.”

Laura and Ben Wilke - Homeowners

“We love our new bar. It fits perfectly and there is nothing that could have been better. I could suggest that you remind customers that they could order bar stools from you as it totally slipped our mind until we installed it.”

“P.S. Looks great, doesn't it?”


Vinnie's, Raleigh, North Carolina

“Wallace & Hinz has exhibited not only the quality craftsmanship in completing two bar designs, but has also been an unerring contributor throughout the design process. Your attention to detail and assistance in coordinating the inclusion of various equipment requirements of the City of Raleigh in completing the 'Sushi Bar' and 'Oyster Bar' will only serve to make these superior designs the most important elements in Vinnie's quality interior environment.”

Lynn Courtlandt Hastings, IIDA - Architect

Lakewood Country Club, West Lake, Ohio

“I personally selected Wallace & Hinz for our clubhouse renovation, due to both the reputation and from the contact that I made with Wallace and Hinz at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.”

“The bar is a showplace and its function nearly flawless. The coordination with our contractor, as well as with the Perlick company, in the installation of the equipment was nearly perfect. Our direct discussions on the telephone were helpful as well as fruitful. Be proud of a job well done.”

Samuel K. Haapala - Club Manager, Lakewood Country Club

Colonial Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas

“I have intentionally waited for two years to write you concerning the quality of your product, the competence and cooperation of your installers and the value of choosing Wallace & Hinz. In simple terms, FANTASTIC! Being a pretty serious woodworker myself, I searched with a very critical eye and found nothing anywhere close to the value that your firm provided. After two years of hard use on three bars, they still look new and are a continuing point of pride within the club. If you need to convince other club managers or food service executives, just have them call me. Thanks again for a wonderful job.”

Robert A. Guth - General Manager

Mike Schulzki - Homeowner

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible work that you and your organization have accomplished on the Schulzki Residence bar. The assembly of the bar proceeded with no little nasty surprises. The level of workmanship was equal to what would be found in a high precision machine shop making products for something like the space shuttle. The level of detail to which the small items of the assembly were attended to was astounding. The materials and instructions were absolutely impeccable. It seems that all eventualities were thought of and addressed before they occurred. The level of satisfaction in the Schulzki Residence Bar is the highest that it could possibly be.”

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